Syksy / Talvi 2018

Rose pedals / Day dreaming

This daydreamy theme is all about softness and comfort with feminine rosy color palette.

The simplicity of everyday cardigans and long sleeve knits turns into luxury with the pleasuring touch of warm cashmere and fluid silk.

This autumn’s key is comfort combined with the calmness of a blushed pink that leads us gently towards chillier mornings.

Rose Cloud / Pale Pink / White Cloud

Nude tones / Calmness / Cozy weather

The different shades of hazy clouds inspired this collections light beige color palette. This theme is centered around elegant fall fashion which is spiced up with more edgy and youthful leather.

The perfect combination of this fall’s trends that prepares you for September’s cosiness.

Cloud White / Light Beige / Feather Grey

The modern feel of vintage / English Tea

The traditional elements of a British countryside such as tartan and corduroy get a modern makeover with bright statement pieces and colors.

The power palette of bright yellow, calm beige and dark denim sets you up for a new season. The trendy pieces such as wide teddy coat or a velvet blazer gives you the final touch for your confidence for new challenges.

Soft Beige / Golden Yellow / Dark Denim

Modern chic / the secret of confidence woman

The coolness of the mysterious black is the most chic secret behind every confident woman which is the focus of this smart casual look. This season’s warmest trend, the puffy down scarves and coats, are the perfect solution against frostier mornings.

A look this soft has never looked as sharp.

Phantom Black / White / Floral