Kevät / Kesä 2019

Alei toppi
Beca 85 hame
Mali P bleiseri
Dania housut



The Tailored Blush theme portrays Andiata women as strong and feminine individuals.

Well-fitted tailored jackets and trousers combined with lightweight silk blouses. The soft and neutral color palette consists of deep navy blue, pale nudes and soft rose tones. 

Janis K trenssi
Wynne bleiseri
Eda 55 hame
Edeline mekko



Drawing inspiration from the energy within the streets of Paris. Materials explore the depth and richness of reflective surfaces.

Shimmering, iridescent sequins combined with transparent airy tulle, add new dimensions to the collection. The colour palette is calm, consisting of a hint of pearl blue and different tones of stone.

PIPPA pusero
KAMILLE 2 housut
MARYL housut
SAIJA 2 pusero
FERNELIE neuletakki
Demelza mekko
Zanna P takki
Griet toppi
Steffe housut
Gwendi mekko
Famie t-paita
Kamille 2 housut



A modern take on classic Andiata styles where textures play on our sense of touch by using natural materials, such as crisp organic cotton, wool and non-crease linen.

 Blouses with lightweight floating bell sleeves with relaxed wide leg trousers. The color palette consists of beautiful serene tones of beige, white and indigo.

Gwendi mekko
Janis K trenssi
Ylona 2 takki
Anine V housut
Jane bleiseri
Bardot toppi
Gytta 2 housut
Krishna 2 mekko
Jenner bleiseri
Dania housut
Sabinella neule
Nikasa housut
Regina 3 liivi
Kamille housut
Patty 2 pusero
Kamille V housut