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Summer Dresses

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Leana Linen DressLeana Linen Dress
Leana Linen Dress Sale price299,00 €
Cacey DressCacey Dress
Cacey Dress Sale price399,00 € Oeko-Tex®
Jade Linen DressJade Linen Dress
Jade Linen Dress Sale price329,00 €
Phila Lace DressPhila Lace Dress
Phila Dress Sale price599,00 €
Inge DressInge Dress
Inge Dress Sale price529,00 € FSC Certified Fabric
Shelia Linen DressShelia Linen Dress
Shelia Linen Dress Sale price329,00 €
Jade Linen DressJade Linen Dress
Jade Linen Dress Sale price329,00 €
Simonia DressSimonia Dress
Simonia Dress Sale price299,00 €
Charnet DressCharnet Dress
Charnet Dress Sale price369,00 € BCI Certified Cotton
Cebella Linen DressCebella Linen Dress
Cebella Linen Dress Sale price329,00 €
Adalia DressAdalia Dress
Adalia Dress Sale price399,00 €
Julitta P DressJulitta P Dress
Julitta Maxi Dress Sale price429,00 €
Save 40%
Veda DressVeda Dress
Veda Dress Sale price221,40 € Regular price369,00 €
Beatriz 3 DressBeatriz 3 Dress
Beatriz Dress Sale price299,00 € FSC Certified Fabric
Helene DressHelene Dress
Helene Dress Sale price439,00 €
Evyn DressEvyn Dress
Evyn Linen Dress Sale price479,00 €
Ceren DressCeren Dress
Ceren Dress Sale price299,00 €
Save 40%
Samilla 3 DressSamilla 3 Dress
Samilla Dress Sale price239,40 € Regular price399,00 € FSC Certified Fabric
Save 40%
Tayla DressTayla Dress
Tayla Dress Sale price239,40 € Regular price399,00 €
Save 40%
Pamela DressPamela Dress
Pamela Dress Sale price161,40 € Regular price269,00 € FSC Certified Fabric

Embrace timeless beauty with a modern twist. Our collection of summer dresses seamlessly blends classic silhouettes with contemporary trends, ensuring you stay fashion-forward without compromising on timeless elegance. Whether you prefer a floral dress in a voluminous ruched design, or a black dress in a flowy full-length, we have the perfect dress to suit your individual taste.


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